Delivering July 2023

San Carlos Research Center, a fresh ±229,640 SF purpose-designed research and biomanufacturing facility.

150 Industrial Rd | San Carlos, CA 94070

Amazing Property

Fully loaded amenities

San Carlos Research Center, a fresh ±229,640 SF purpose-designed research and production facility, is ready to drive your science. San Carlos Research Center provides immediate options for occupancy plus fully customizable growth management solutions. With an intense focus on employee wellness and activated collaboration spaces, San Carlos Research Center will help your firm attract the region’s top talent.

Property Description


  • Total Project ±229,640 SF
  • 8000 Amps Total Power @ 277/480
  • Two Standby Generators Totaling 850 Kw Capacity
  • Designated Shipping and Receiving
  • Walk/Bike to Downtown San Carlos

Spec Suite

  • ±56,445 SF
  • ±50%/50% Lab/Office Ratio
  • Delivering July 2023
  • 2000 Amps Power @ 277/480
  • Standby Generator - 5 Watts/SF - Lab Areas
  • 10-foot Minimum Dropped Ceilings in Lab Areas


  • Outdoor Courtyard
  • Large Tenant Café
  • Lounge/Gaming Room
  • Conference/Training Center
  • 35 EV Parking Spaces
  • Fitness Center


Vice Chairman
+1 650 494 5154
Lic. 00901003

Executive Vice President
+1 510 874 1992
Lic. 01251158

Vice President
+1 650 494 5152
Lic. 02102431

Vice President
+1 650 577 2962
Lic. 02010044

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